Sunday, January 29, 2012

Let's get the ideas flowing

Hi all~
I thought this blog may be a good way of communicating for the family reunion July 20-22.  I know I'm looking forward to having everyone together and it would be great to hear what ideas people are thinking about in regards to making this time extra special.

It will also be a good place for us to ask questions and get a better idea of where to stay in the area, the timing of events, catering costs, etc.

Let's get the conversation (and photos) going....


  1. Thanks for getting this started Alissa!!

    I'm so looking forward to hearing from everyone on ideas and ways to make our Reunion weekend a spectacular celebration and memorable to all.

    Yes, it's a SURPRISE 90th BIRTHDAY party for Mother, yet it's also an opportunity to once again gather to embrace our heritage and family that was spawned from "Seed of Sydney," as Uncle Bill would say.

    There were over 100 of us in the past and Im hoping to see nearly that many this time as well.

    By the way, a reminder that you dont need to have a Gmail account to comment, just to post photos... so let's hear what you have to say.


  2. I would love to identify each family grouping by a colored shirt. That is one of things I remember about the other family reunion. I am not sure how many of the family members have little kids such as myself but I hope we can plan some fun things for them as well. It might make it more fun for them. I know just being able to go the farm and be outside will be great for my boys. I do not remember too much about the area and what surroundings we are dealing with.

    Jennifer Zuckero-Carol Ann's daughter