Monday, January 30, 2012

Identifying us

At the last family reunion, each family member had a particular color or shirt style that identified us as to which Hathorn sibling we "belonged" to.  I think some of the men in my family were not too thrilled with the pink shirt they were forced to wear.

Any thoughts on doing that again or any other suggestions?  Let's hear them.


  1. I think the "family colors" is still a good idea and great way to identify "who belongs to who", after not seeing so many of our cousins kids in so long ... or ever!

    And the colors can certainly be changed for 2012. Who besides the Evie Clan would like to change their color choice? We were pink.

  2. ...and we were orange (yuck!) >> Uncle Bill's family.
    Are there other ways to wear our colors?

  3. I'm all for keeping the colors from the last reunion. Then we have continuity and can do some before and after things. But if the majority want to change colors, then I'm ok with that too.

  4. I think we should change the colors. I do not even remember what family was what color back then. I do remember our pink shirts though!!
    Jennifer Zuckero

  5. Well, it sounds like keeping the colors or the idea of them is the way to go. I found a picture from 2000 that I will scan that shows the variety. I forgot that Aunt Helen's group were the Miami Dolphins colors/shirts. I bet they might want to rethink that 12 years later ;)

    Tom, from what I can tell, your clan had Hawaiian shirts, not orange. However, they look to be different colors, so maybe yours was a Hawaiian orange shirt. I can understand the desire to change.